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12 Steps Speakers

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Now you can listen to thousands of recovery speakers from AA, NA, CA, OA or Al-Anon! When you want. Where you want. How you want. 12 Steps Audio is the most innovative and convenient recovery speaker app available providing you with on-the-go access to speakers from multiple 12 step programs!
Using advanced network technology, the 12 Steps Audio app allows you to listen to speakers from around the world right on your device over wifi or cell network wherever you are! Stream to listen immediately or download to listen offline later.
We’ve included many great features to ensure you are able to discover new and wonderful speakers with ease.
------------------------------------- NEW IN UPDATE 2.0: • Rebuilt with new features, functionality and layout improvements. • Renamed app to "12 Steps Speakers". • Renamed icon to "Speakers". • New icon and app design. • New layout and sorting. • Previously listened to speakers now dim for easier reference. • Added sort to search page. • Tagging speakers with topics was previously publicly viewable. Abuse of this has forced us to remove this from being viewable. Topics can be added to speakers and will be searchable but no longer be viewable. -------------------------------------
Below is just a small portion of what you’ll find in 12 Steps Audio...- Bill W.- Ebby T.- Earl H. - Father Ralph P.- Joe and Charlie- Ed M.- Chuck C.- Clancy I.- Chris R.- Sue D.- PLUS UNLIMITED ACCESS TO OUR ENTIRE COLLECTION OF SPEAKERS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!
• ANONYMOUS ICON - To protect anonymity, the app icon does not show references to recovery
• STREAM OR DOWNLOAD - When connected to 3G or wifi networks, stream speakers just like radio or download to your device for offline listening
• INTUITIVE AUDIO PLAYER - When playing a track, tap the list button in the top right corner, you will be shown a list of other tracks from that speaker. Tap the button again to be returned to the current track
• SEARCH AND BROWSE - Unlimited access to our extensive collection of speakers from around the world - Search or browse speakers by Name, Area, Rating, Events or Tags - Quickly and easily select speakers by sorting the Rating, Name or Area
• FILTER BY PROGRAM - Customize 12 Steps Audio with the 12 steps programs you want to listen to including the following programs:
- Alcoholics Anonymous - Narcotics Anonymous - Cocaine Anonymous - Overeaters Anonymous - Al-Anon
• FAVORITES PAGE - Tap the bookmark in the audio player to add a speaker to your favorites page
• DOWNLOADS PAGE - Jump right to your downloaded speakers to listen offline with ease
• RATINGS - Know right away who are the highest rated speakers
• TAGS - Tag a speaker with topics to effortlessly find again later
• MULTI-TASKING - Your speakers will continue playing when you visit another app
• BLUETOOTH - Listen to speakers via your car or headphones with bluetooth
• SPEAKERS ADDED REGULARLY - We are always reviewing more and more speakers to add - Feel free to send us a few if you’d like submit them below
No membership, account, or login needed!
No extra charges for panels, workshops or special speakers!
Simply download and you’ll be provided with unlimited access to our extensive collection of speakers from AA, NA, CA, OA and Al-Anon!
Thank you everyone that has downloaded this app! I am grateful for your support! I hope you enjoy this app as a tool in your recovery and others.
If you have any comments or concerns please visit
**Audio quality is determined by the original recording of each track and the user's wifi or network connection. We make every effort to preserver the quality of each track to provide the best possible experience.